Tallula Moon Designs

Tuesday, November 4

Winter's here......Winter's here..........

YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see by my new header, I am so ready for winter and all the cute, cuddly things that go with it. I know, I know, it seems like I just passed right by Thanksgiving, but I've been working on a new kit - yes, the header is pieces parts of it and no, it's not available just yet - and couldn't resist using it for a new look on the blog. So before I launch into winter, let me just say a few words about Thanksgiving so that no one is offended that the day is not given its due. Thanksgiving in our family is a day to get together and enjoy a great turkey (one deep fried and one BBQ'd - yum!) dinner and spend some time catching up on what's going on in each others lives. It's a day we count our blessings, not the least of which, we all made it through another year. But most importantly - it's followed by a 3-day weekend and shop-till-you-drop Friday!!! I know, I'm not being very "thankful" sounding and if I sit back and really think about it I know that there are a lot of things in my thankful column. Through Tallula Moon Designs I have met a lot of new people and made new friends. I guess there's something about scraping that brings together the nicest people, who share interesting ideas and projects that inspire others. Personally, I think there's a lot of crappy stuff going on out in the world and taking the time to sit down and enjoy my family scrap book is the best way to relive some of our families best moments. Sounds awfully simplistic, but it's true. Take a couple of minutes and think "thankful" and see what you come up with. Then scrap it and enjoy it later.

OK - now on to WINTER!!!! Our weather has finally started turning after a long Indian Summer and I'm so glad. Who can resist furry boots and colorful scarves wrapped around little ones out in the snow -or big ones out in the snow, for that matter!!! There's just something so inviting about snugglying up in front of the fire with a cup of something hot and a really good book. Tallula Mom lives up in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and is counting the days until it snows. All over the house are little signs that read "Let It Snow". She and Nephew Jake have spent every winter for the last six years - he's six - sitting on the back deck, wrapped in a warm blanket, watching it snow. If I could take a picture, that would be a moment I'd scrap and remember. Do you take advantage of the small things and then remember later how good it felt to have that moment? Isn't that what scraping is all about - having the moment and scraping to remember? Maybe that should be the goal for this winter season, search out the good times, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, days in the snow or baking holiday treats, scrap them and have it all to remember when the temp reaches 100°. Nothing makes you feel better than to relive memories that make you smile or laugh out loud, and nothing does that better than scrapping.

Later, TM