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Monday, March 31

Computer Down, Computer Down!!!

Can there be anything worse than having your computer die right in the middle of a great scrapping project??? Well, maybe having your computer die right in the middle of a great new scrapping design would qualify. I am so lost without my computer - and I have been lost for the last week. Finally diagnosing the problem as a bad power source, my wonderful brother (and I say that because he is the father of my favorite nephew, Jake, the T-ball player) replaced it and I was up and designing once more. So you can now find six new commercial use kits at Commercial-Use.com that you can access HERE or Digiscrapwarehouse.com that can be accessed from HERE.

These styles were created in Photoshop CS3 and I make no guarantees that they will work in other versions of Photoshop.

(Don't you wish they would get their acts together so that programs would work together, especially anything "Photoshop", regardless of CS3 or not??????)

So, there is this one.........

And this one.......kind of like bright balloons for a party!....

And this one.........

Kind of like Easter Eggs.....And this one.........

Reminds you of the "Winter Blahs" kit, right??? And this one.....

Earthy........And last, but not least, this one.......

Who can possible resist a girly kind of thing??????
And before I forget, I mentioned in the last blog that March 29th was Opening Day for my nephew, Jacob's, T-ball season. The whole family showed up to support the team (along with all the other players' families) and it was the best day. I got some really great pics to scrap that will keep memories of that day alive for a very long time. If you have never seen 5-6 years olds playing T-ball, go watch a game - even if you don't know one child there. It will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and give you a definite lift that few things in life will.
Hey - keep in touch, drop me a line and let me know what you're up to.
Later, TM

Thursday, March 20

Take me out to the T-ball game???

According to my calender, today is the first day of spring. And while I was deep in my winter blahs, a new and exciting thing was happening. My six-year-old nephew, Jacob, was starting T-ball. Yep, he is officially a member of the Shetland Yankees (evidently when you're in Pony League your team is named after horses in graduating sizes - go figure!) with a hat and shirt with his name on the back. So.....we loaded up the car and made for practice to see how our newest Mickey Mantle would make the grade. Welllllll, he wasn't exactly "Casey at the Bat" but he could run bases with the best of 'em. After an hour of watching a whole team of six-year-olds run around like wired monkeys, we came home with some great pictures to scrap for Jake's first foray into baseball. I have to say that because of all the designing I do, I don't scrap as much as I'd like to, but some pictures just have to have that special touch that scrapping brings. So, Opening Day is March 29th and Auntie TM is going to be out there for the big parade, snapping more pics. How 'bout you - is there a child/grandchild/niece/nephew in your life that is starting or carrying on a sport? Spring is the best time to get out there, show your team spirit and take those pictures. Who knows what might inspire your next scrapping project?? BATTER UP!

See ya at the ball game - TM

P.S. I'm in another store and you can access it HERE. I'll be posting some new commerical use items in the next couple of days so stop by and check it out.

Monday, March 17

Even scrapgirls get the blahs......

Hey - you know the best thing about having the blahs??? It sometimes puts you in an introspective frame of mind - lets you feel your pouty side-blusey moods - and opens you up to something new, maybe not so "happy". And that's exactly what happened during my winter blahs. Staring out the window it occured to me how calming the grey, wind-swept sky looked. And how the pattering (not downpouring/drumming loudly on the roof) rain was soothing in a mindless, think of nothing kind of way. So, of course, I started thinking of nothing and came up with a kit just for the winter blahs - and presto (well, not exactly presto, maybe a couple of hours later) "Winter Blahs" was born and I love it. It truly is the perfect project for a rainy day! So here's the deal (yes, I know, I'm always about the deal.....) since you are a loyal TM visitor to my blog, you get the kit free. Yes, FREE. Just click HERE to download.

This is a great big thank you from me to you. Hopefully this will help you through your winter blahs. And tell a friend - you never know what you'll find when you get here!!

And - a big reminder - I'm selling at Commercial-Use.com now and you can get there from HERE. Below are a couple of previews that might interest you:


There are more commercial-use kits available, just stop by and check them out.

AND - check out the new blinkie that is on the blog in the top left hand side for you to sport.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great time chasing your winter blahs! TM

Thursday, March 13

I think I've got the winter blahs........

Yep, it's true.....I think I've got the winter blahs. I've been so busy creating springy kits in bright happy colors, with lovely flowers and cute Easter eggs, that the weather really hasn't been on my mind. But now that I've taken a break and looked outside, it's overcast and gloomy. Uh huh, the blahs. Let's see, if I were to design a new kit called "The Blahs" it would have to be gloomy greys and moody blues, with a little heavy sign white (is that an off-white???) thrown in for contrast. Maybe like those "dog days of summer", the days of winter blahs are the perfect days to pull out those special pictures you've been saving "to do when I have time" and create some great scrapping projects. A lot of you have told me that scrapping gives you a lift and how satisfying it is to have something very special to show for your efforts. Besides, isn't it nice to have something fun to do when skies are dreary and blah? So here's one for you - choose a great picture, something that brings back a good memory, get scrapping and drop me a note to let me know what you've done. Together we'll banish the winter blahs!!!!!

I'll be waiting to hear from you - TM

Sunday, March 2

Something NEW!

I really wanted to make sure that I have this posted right away so that everyone has the opportunity to join in the FUN!

Scrappin Freestyle has gone to the points system for their challenges. It's a VERY cool system and one that I think is going to be a big hit.

Here's how it works:

Prize levels

0500 pts = $5 Gift Coupon
1000 pts = $10 Gift Coupon
1500 pts = $15 Gift Coupon
2000 pts = $20 Gift Coupon
2500 pts = $25 Gift Coupon

Each participant can take part and 'save' their points up to the maximum of $25 store credit. Then they have to start again. If any participant does 7 challenges through the month (1/2 of them) they will get a bonus of 50 pts. If any participant does all 14 challenges for the month, they will get a bonus of 100 pts.

I currently have 2 Challenges going on at Scrappin Freestyle so I am very excited about this new system.

The first one is my recipe challenge, worth 20 points each, so if you do both challenges, you will earn 40 points.

If your recipes are a mess, and out of order like mine, this could be just the ticket to get you organized. And if you don’t have many recipes but are looking for new things to try, this will be a great resource for you. Here is where you need to start. This challenge will last for 2 weeks. I will give you a small starter kit that you are free to use for your layout if you wish, but you don't HAVE to.

Create a recipe card and upload it to the gallery. Your recipe must be for a Dish you would serve for Easter. It can be a dessert, cookies, main dish, anything you like. Pictures of the recipe are always helpful, but not a must. See the forum HERE for all the information and links.

The second challenge is my Scrap the Month Calendar Challenge, worth 15 points. You have all month to complete this challenge.

Here's how it works. I will provide a starter mini kit for you which will include a calender for the current month. You can either use the mini kit that I provide, the coordinating kit, which will be on sale in the store for the entire month of this challenge, or put the two together. You then upload your calendar to the gallery and link back to it in this thread.

This is your Starter Mini Kit:

The kit on sale is "Scrap This 2," which I just uploaded in the store and put it on sale for 45% off! You can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/2uuhpv

There are SO many possibilities. Every month, I create a calendar for my computers desktop and add all the events for the month. It's a great "at a glance" way to organize. You can create a calendar for the side of your fridge with all your kids events on it as well.

I hope you will pop on over and check the challenges out. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!! ~TM