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Tuesday, July 29

Ok, it's a little funny...

Ya know, there are a bajillion of these things out there. They tell you what type of personality you are, what color your personality is, and what you love to eat based on the fact that you have one red eye and one purple eye, a halo and a long spiky tail. (Ok, not really that last thing, but you get the idea) BUT, this is kind of cute:

You Are Punk Music

You've thought long and hard about what mainstream society has to offer...

And you've pretty much decided that most normal things aren't for you.

You're creative, expressive, and likely to do things yourself.

You are a rebel and a fighter. You'll defend your point of view to anyone.

Yeah, I don't hardly think so. I don't do punk music, but lets just analyze this a little.

"You've thought long and hard about what mainstream society has to offer..." Hmmmm, we'll slide by that one and just let it go.

"And you've pretty much decided that most normal things aren't for you." Ok, I can say with brutal honesty, this is true. Normal doesn't excite me, normal translates to "average." It's possible I don't know "normal" from a hole in the ground though....who does?

"You're creative, expressive, and likely to do things yourself. " This could take a lot of explanation. Obviously I love to create. Expressive, yeah, I tend to get my point across, good or bad. "Likely to do things yourself." Ok, I have to say yes. I am a control freak and to me, that's what that says.....I could be wrong.

"You are a rebel and a fighter. You'll defend your point of view to anyone." I don't want to say that my opinion is the ONLY opinion, but when I feel strongly about something, yeah, I'll defend it until I get my point across.

So I guess this little quiz isn't too far off the mark, except for the punk music. Does anyone really listen to that stuff anyway? Probably. Oh boy, I sound like one of those parents that think Rock-N-Roll is for hippies or something. Not MY parents..my parents were pretty music cool. My mom and I listened to the same music until I moved out and I still listen to the music she did when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, I have a file on my iPod called "Kelli the Kid" for all the music from when I was a kid. Original huh? Yep, I'm creative and I couldn't think up a better name. What does that tell you? I sort of listen to some of the same stuff as my daughter, but some of it is just irritating and I am not good with "bubble gum" type music. But i do have to say, I'm REALLY bad with the "band" (and I will use the term loosely) across the street. I remember listening to heavy metal in high school, but you could understand the words. I don't mean the lyrics made sense because lets face it, they didn't, but you could understand the words. The "band" across the street SCREAMS! I don't mean they are loud playing musicians...they SCREAM like Satan has taken over their bodies and won't give them back. I can't understand the words because ALL the words sound like RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Yeah, too much.

I guess this is my little rampage for the day....don't ask me why. Let me know you've been here and have a ROCKIN day.

Friday, July 25

Such a Sassy Girl

I'm so thrilled that everyone enjoyed the blog train. I love them too and it stinks that it's over.

As promised, I have uploaded a new kit to Digitals called "Sassy Girl." It's on sale until midnight, and then I will put it back on sale until Monday at Midnight PST. I didn't think it would take me so long to get everything finished today. You can check it out in the store HERE

I'm sure you can see that the blog has a new look. Like it or hate it? I'd love to know. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I love most of it, but I would MUCH rather have two sidebars with links instead of just one. Just my opinion.

I'm also going to activate "Kylie RAWKS" for anyone that either didn't see it, or would like to purchase the kit now. This is such a teeny bopper kit. My daughter played a very direct roll in the design so it truly came from a teenagers brain. You can find it at Digitals too and here's a preview:

We have a ton of new things going on over at ScrapProfessor! There are a bunch of new designers and lots of new challenges. Every Tuesday night, you can join Lady Larissa for a speed scrap or you can just join in to the monthly challenges. Either way, come on over and visit us...you never know what you might find.

Plus SP has a Mega Kit on sale for Christmas in July Called "Swanky Christmas." VERY cool, very different kit. Click on the image to check it out.

Kit Information:
This kit can best be described as "Swanky Christmas" with these delicious and bright colors! Don't let the name fool you however, as this kit isn't all Christmas. It's FILLED with lovely designs perfect for SO many occasions! You'll get OVER 500 MB of digital scrapbooking bliss for one LOW price! Kits created by the Team of Designers here at ScrapProfessor. All images are created at the industry standard of 300 dpi/ppi and are suitable for printing. Papers are 12x12 jpg files, elements and alpha are png files.

Watch for a new kit each month!
A special thank you to the wonderful Designers who contributed to this kit, and special thanks to Atomic Cupcake and Monica Larsen for their actions.

Thursday, July 24

Welcome to day 12....

I got NUTHIN! Notta! No Rhyme.

BUT, sometime Friday I
will have a new product up at Digitals called "Sassy Girl." It will be on sale, just like everything else in my store so don't miss out.


So Friday will have double posts. Don't forget to come back!

Wednesday, July 23

We made it to day 11....

...I wish it was still day 7

Yeah, no clue what tomorrow will bring for a rhyme. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats waiting too...yeah, uh huh.....

I have some fronts/backs for ya. Not as much fun as the album exactly, but you could always use them and personalize them instead if you like.


It's always a total bummer when the blog train ends. I love blog trains. I hope everyone still comes to visit after it's over. I have a Yahoo group to send out ads for sales and specials and chats and crops and stuff....oh my. Don't miss out and sign up. Click on the Yahoo group box on the left.

I'm hoping to give the blog a facelift soon, so you won't want to miss that either. Well, I'm hoping too if I can get it all figured out.

Everyone have a GREAT day 11.

Tuesday, July 22

Welcome Welcome to Day 10

.. I'm thrilled to have you back again....

Jeeze, it really is just getting worse.

So my internet is working...for now. This is going to be a short post, just in case.

DAY 10


Monday, July 21

Welcome to day 9

I hope it was worth the time....? Ok, that one wasn't so easy. My store sale has been extended through July 25th. So everything is now on sale again for 50% off including the new "A Beary Merry Workshop Christmas."

I've also uploaded another kit called "Summer Sun" which is included in the sale along with a matching bracket album. FUN!

Now on to day 9


Sunday, July 20

Welcome to day 8

I hope it was worth the wait...

Ok, that one was easy. Because of my funky internet issues, this one's going to be a quicky.

It's finished, it's up and its on sale for 50% off at Digitals along with anything else of mine that is Christmas or Winter related. I love this kit. It was SO much fun!!!

Here is your Day 8

Saturday, July 19

Welcome, welcome to day 7

I really hope I make it to day 11.

Yeah, I know, day 6 is missing. I have a great reason....even though it's irritating beyond belief.

So yesterday was my daughters 17th birthday. Like a twit, I made an appointment for a perm at 9:00 a.m. It seemed like a GREAT idea at the time, which was a month ago. I figured 9 in the morning, PLENTY of time! Yeah, NOT! I got there at 8:45, we started right at 9 and it took her until 11:30 to roll my hair. I had WELL OVER 100 rods in my hair, which is almost to my waist. WOW, I really thought it would never end. So at 11:30, she gets the solution on and I sit for 20 and then we continue to go through all the motions, etc. I didn't leave there until almost 2 pm. It's 45 minutes in good traffic to get back to my house, but TOTALLY worth it. So I get going, call Chuck and he says he's picking up ice cream and already picked up Kylies pink iPod. THANK YOU! I was really sweating that. What a guy!!! So I get home and Kylie is at the movies seeing "Dark Knight" (which she came home and said was WAY to much blood and violence for my 6 year old nephew ....good to know). We decided that while she was gone, we would pick up her truck and park it down the street. She wouldn't think a thing about it and it would save us some time. So everyone starts to get there, we have dinner, she opens presents and I went outside to make sure I had a good spot for pictures. My nephew runs to the door, rings the doorbell and runs off. (wonder if I just taught him something new and fun to do) My mom walks my daughter out the door and Kylie is TOTALLY confused and has no clue what's going on. Well Chuck had moved the truck, opened the doors and turned on the stereo. She was TOTALLY blown away.

This grin has been planted on her face since last night. I can't believe her face isn't frozen that way....but now that I think about it...maybe it is.
But believe it or not...this is not why I'm late....

So I come up to the craft room last night, tired, but ready to get posted and up and ON TIME again. No internet. Hmmm. Ok. So I re-connect. No internet. This went on for quite a while before I was ready to scream and stomped out of the craft room and went to bed.

Got up this morning and the internet was connected (it's wireless) and I thought COOL, I'm in business now. Yep, all the way up until I touched the computer...then no internet. I think that the sound that came out was not unlike a growling sound. So I went downstairs to do coffee. It gets going and after 20 minutes with no "I'm done" beep, I check the coffee maker. Yeah, theres about 2 cups brewed, and steam galore. Hmmmm. Messed with the coffee pot....nothing. So I got a little bent out of shape and decided that I was going to boil water in the kettle, and pour it through the filter and coffee and fill the pot the rest of the way. In theory, it seems like this should work....but it really didn't. It took FOREVER and by the time I hit 8 cups, I plucked the pot out, poured everyone a cup, shoved it back in and stomped off....back upstairs to the internet. Started messing with it, and it would connect and immediately disconnect. Downstairs I go. Hit reset,back upstairs...I have internet.....uh, nope, not anymore....downstairs...reset....upstairs...internet....nope...not any more. CRAP! I finally called Chuck on his cell phone...downstairs and asked him to reset the internet. I was more than done with the up-down thing. He reset and I was on. I got a post done, was on about 8 minutes and then nothing. I admit it...I had a tantrum and I SCREAMED at the computer....and stomped out of the room. Went and took a shower and went over to my grandparents to hook up their internet. I guess this was just my day. Theirs went off very well, other than there are 9bajillion cords behind their computer desk. So I got gas, and came home, more determined to make this internet work. I'm not good with sending smoke signals so the internet MUST work for me. FINALLY, we figured out that the router in the panel downstairs has a loose connection. As long as no one touches it, we're in business. Hopefully I won't go to post this I be offline.....ya'll will be able to hear me scream no matter where you live.

One to the freebies. I'm posting day 6 and day 7 all at once, just to be safe.


AND, as long as the connection holds out (keep your fingers crossed) I'm uploading this kit to digitals. I've also added the freebies from the Digitals chat, so if you didn't get them, they are in there. It will also still be on sale.

Everyone have a GREAT weekend, and go hug your modem!

Thursday, July 17

Do the train jive on day 5

Yep, I borrowed it from Aleah's Mommy. Thanks!

SO, there have been quite a few issues with downloading from the blog. So I think I might have an idea....don't get too excited yet. I said I have an idea....it doesn't mean it will work.

Ok, so everyday from here on out, I will give you the normal download and then an alternative link to download, just in case the first one doesn't work. PLEASE, if you have trouble, still email me at kelli@tallulamoon.com and we'll figure something out.


WOW, finally at day 5....amazing. We'll let this one be a surprise too.

I finished the kit for these album pages. It's so cute. I'm going to try to have it up tomorrow. My daughters birthday is tomorrow, but she will be going out with friends too. SO, no matter what, I will get it up and I will keep it 50% off until the 25th of this month. Here is a preview:
And since the papers are hard to see, I made an extra preview with just the papers:

Everyone ENJOY and let me know if you have any problems.

Wednesday, July 16

Welcome to Day 4.....

Where you can get more, and more and more.

I know by now you have to think that I am over the top corny with these rhymes. Well, I can say with total....BRUTAL honesty, I do NOT know where this is coming from or WHY I keep trying to come up with something new. Seriously, do you need the rhyme? Probably not. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking....if this makes someone giggle, just a little, that might be having a crappy day, it's totally worth it to be seen as the designer that can't rhyme...but at least she tries. (Yeah, it's a stretch even for me)

So, I've been working even more on the kit to go with this album and it's been SO easy to create I can't believe it. As a matter of fact, I think I might have to split the kit in two because it's getting just a little out of control. Which brings up an interesting question....how much it too much. How many papers are too many for one kit? How much is too much, meaning it will be a kit you might love, but the price is just to much to go for? Obviously, there are numbers that are ridiculously obvious, but is 6.00 too much for a kit with 20 papers and 30+ elements? Lemme know what you think. I'm interested to know.

All of my kits at Digitals are still on sale for 50% off. Personally, I think that's a pretty good deal. And I PROMISE that I will have the Christmas in July kit up before I end my sale. Hopefully, tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it. I'm calling it "A Beary Merry Workshop Christmas." You'll see. It's a long name but it fits.

On to the freebie. For some reason, I really like this page. I don't know what it is exactly, but I would have to vote that this is my favorite, or at least one of them.


If you have problems downloading these pages, feel free to email me at kelli@tallulamoon.com

OH, and I almost forgot. Don't miss out on the Christmas Present Search! Some of the presents might be coupons, or freebies or, OH WAIT.....surprises..you know...like presents. You can find the information in the Digitals Forum called "Christmas Present Search."

The following designers are also having awesome sales so sled on over and check them out...
Alessandra Designs 20% off entire store!
Alisha Hess
Amanda Thorderson 25-75% off everything, 35% off Christmas designs.
Andika Designs 25% off everything!
Beth Rimmer My entire store is at least 30% off! Many items 35-50% off!!!
Chris Beasley
Christine Smith
Dea Spina My entire store is on sale, up to 70% off!
DeDe Smith My sale is 50% off all my winter/Christmas kits from the 14-25th!
Diana Burton 30% off entire store.
Elka Romero 25% off entire store!
Georgia Oliver My entire store is on sale for 25% off.
Glenda Ketcham EVERYTHING in my store is on sale for 25% off. Don't forget to get your Christmas gift from me. You can find the clue here. Also jump on my blog for some wonderful free downloads.
Hybrid Physical Albums 12% off everything including Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey, 7 Gypsies and More!
Jennifer Maceyunas All of my Christmas themed items are 30% off July 14th thru midnight, MOUNTAIN time on July 19th! And don't forget to check out my blog after NOON, EASTERN time each day to download my Jack Album created with my Christmas Glow Kit.
Joyce de Jonge
Juliana Gordon
Katey Green 22% and 40% off. Some items will be further discounted upto 60% for odd days.....so keep checking back .......as new items are going to be included!!
Kathryn Estry 50% off Christmas items, 25% off everything else!
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Lifesong Kreations Hey folks my Christmas stuff is on sale for 50% off I have a remake of my Christmas Hope and the Family Traditions series. All other items are 30% off.
Lynne Simmons 25% off entire store!
Maddy Fernandez Selected products are 15-20% OFF. Don't forget to stop by my blog to get the 12 days of Christmas freebie and be sure to look for my gift that is hidden in my store somewhere!
Nini's Notions 25% off entire store!
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Scrap4Brains My ENTIRE STORE is on sale for 30% off!
Shawn Walter All Kits, Albums and Templates are on sale 30% off! And while you are visiting my store, don't forget to look for your gift (the clue is here). And then stop by my blog for daily freebies July 14-25th.
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Twisted Sisters 25% off everything!
Wendy Page Enjoy 25% off everything in my store, CU included!

Tuesday, July 15

Welcome to Day 3

Don't forget the Awesome FREEBIE...

I'm not sure just how long I can keep this rhyming thing going. I have a great tip for day 5, but seriously, there are 12 days here and I'm thinking I'm going to run out by then.

Ok, so Day 3, we'll let this one be a surprise!


This is the list of the Designers Blogs who participate in the Blog Train.
Be sure to visit each blog, every day, for gorgeous freebies!

Monday, July 14

HooooHooooo.....on to Day 2

Yep, I'm a rhymer... uh huh....just wait for day 5....what is going to rhyme with that and sound like a train? (I'm open to suggestions)

I love Blog Trains. They are so much fun and it's just so cool to see all the really great things that everyone comes up with.

Before we move to the cool freebie (I can say that :D) I wanted to point out that up at the top on the left there is a new "button." It's to join my Yahoo Group and get all the updates on my sales, coupons, new kits and all that great jazz. Go sign up....ya never know what might come of it.

Next, my store at Digitals is on sale 50% off. I'm going to keep it at 50% off until the 25th of this month. If you haven't already been doing it, my kit "Kylie RAWKS" is the download a day there right now. You may not get the whole thing, but there are still a few days left so go and grab it.

Ok, on to day two (and I just want to point out, I've made it two WHOLE DAYS in a row now, ON TIME!)
I'm going to be releasing the kit I created while I made this album. It's the first time that I have created this way, by making papers and elements according to what I needed for the pages. It actually was pretty fun that way. I'll make sure the kit is still 50% off too.


And here is a preview of the whole album.

Sunday, July 13


WoooHoo....get on the train!!!! You REALLY don't wanna miss out on this one! Christmas in July full of albums and freebies and sales galore! Visit Digitals for all the really great things going on. Make sure you also head on over to Digitals for the CHRISTMAS PRESENT SEARCH! That's REALLY something you don't wanna miss out on!

So, my gift to you, during the 12 days of July Christmas is a cool hybrid kit to fit the Cosmo Cricket "Kate" album.

My whole store is currently 50% off......such a DEAL!

Please note: The freebies will be available for free download for a 24h period only (except for day 1, which will be up for an extended time)!
After that, the complete album will be available for purchasing at Digitals store.

This is the list of the Designers Blogs who participate in the Blog Train.
Be sure to visit each blog, every day, for gorgeous freebies!

Amanda Thorderson
Beth Rimmer
Chris Beasley
Christine Smith
Dea Spina
DeDe Smith
Diana Burton
Georgia Oliver
Glenda Ketcham
Jennifer Maceyunas
Juliana Gordon
Kathryn Estry
Katie Mann
Lynne Simmons
Maddy Fernandez
Nini's Notions
Sarah Meyer
Shawn Walter
Silvia Romeo
Sophia Davies
Tallula Moon

Thursday, July 3

Buy it all!!!

I've never done one of these before so who know's how it's going to go. Hopefully well, but we'll see. This weekend, I've decided to have a "Buy my whole store" sale. You can purchase JUST my personal use, or just my commercial use stores....or you can go big and buy it all. I figured that since it's the 4th of July, my daughters birthday is this month, it's getting hot outside and it just seems like a good time for a sale. I've added some different things to my store both personal use and commercial use. I'll be retiring some things after the sale, but right now, I have no clue as to what it will be. Yep, I know, it's a SHOCKER that I have no clue... hehehe. So check it out at www.ScrapProfessor.com or go straight to my store HERE

You can always email me if you have any questions: kelli@tallulamoon.com Everyone have a safe and fun 4th of July!!!