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Thursday, February 28


"Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl - Dead Man's Chest - At Worlds End", how can you not love Johnny Depp??? BUT - I now know what that poor merchant ship, plowing its slow ponderous way across the ocean felt like when it was overtaken by low-minded pirates out to plunder its booty for ill-gotten gain. Yes, I have been pirated by low-minded scoundrels who have plundered my booty for their own gain and, I can tell you, I don't like it. I suppose when I started designing scrapping projects and, ultimately, Tallula Moon Designs I thought, in my innocence, that women - ladies - in the scrapping world would be above this sort of thing. But I've been proved wrong and it's a big disappointment. How can there not be enough freebies out there to satisfy even the most voracious scrapper if her funds are low??? Well, Matey, I hope you enjoy the treasure you have stolen and every time you use it you remember that you truly are a low-minded scoundrel.

Now on to more enjoyable things.......

The theme for this weeks "My Favorite Things Chat" is going to be -

My Favorite Childhood Picture
Every Saturday at 9pm EST in the 3S Chatroom!Every month, DeDe and I will choose a color swatch and theme and we will each create a kit with that theme/swatch. I will be hosting the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month (and if there is a 5th Sunday, I will host this). DeDe will be hosting the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month. We will each choose our own "My Favorites" for the crops. The kits that we create will be used as freebies and posting bonuses for each crop during that month. The following month, those kits will be put in the store, so you can purchase each of our kits, if you miss it! But if you participate in the challenges and come to the crops you will receive 2 FULL kits that month that go together! Each crop will have a new FAVORITE THING to scrap about! So come learn a lot and get free stuff AND scrap pages about you and your favorite things!

I can't wait to hear from you at the chat and see what you've designed for your favorite childhood picture.

And on a happier note -

Come visit me here and see what's new.
Also, I've now gone commercial (and country - but we won't go there!). I have a new kit out, "Egg A Lot", that is something a little different from past kits and will make egg decorating a lot of fun.
New Easter Eggs_Commercial Use Items

Do you need something different for your Easter kits? These "layer your own" eggs would
make the perfect addition to any kit.
Each layer is created at 300 dpi and saved in png format.
Use your pre-made papers or just fill them in.
Make them glittery or make them plastic. It's all up to you.

Egg A Lots can be found here

Egg A Lot 2 can be found here

So, ladies, enjoy your scrapping and we'll be chatting.......TM

Tuesday, February 26

Let's chat........

Tonight I'm hosting a Half n Half chat at 3Scrapateers in the chat room - and would love to have you join in. I think you'll really like the kit that's featured. So join me tonight and let's chat.

The kit being featured is Scrap This 2

Here's how it works: You purchase the Scrap This 2 kit for $3.00 and get half the kit.
Then attend the chat and receive the coordinating chat freebie.

Then after posting in the gallery

You then get the second half of the kit for free. Once you attend the chat and receive the posting bonus, you will have the entire kit.

And just for attending you get this awesome Freebie Pack !!!

Don't forget - tonight, 10:00pm EST. TM

Wednesday, February 20

Just checkin' in.........

Hey, Valentine's Day is over and hopefully you've got your pictures, are snapping up my "I Heart You" kit and are putting together some really great scrap pages. I can't tell you how many packets of weird photos I have - you know the blurry half-face, Mom and Dad with part of a finger blocking the frame or, my favorite, the sleepy eye - that never see the light of day. How great to have a hobby that lets you showcase the best pictures in cheerful, creative ways that are a delight for the whole family. You can find so many Tallula Moon Designs, in so many color combinations, for just about any holiday or just plain family fun. Drop me a line, I always enjoy hearing from you, and send me your favorite scrapping project.

Thanks for stopping by - TM

Thursday, February 14

Love is in the Air ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Valentine's Day

What a fun holiday this is♥♥♥♥and I have a great kit I just launched for you to scrap the perfect Valentine memory How nice to have something to commemorate your childs first Valentine's Day or time with that special someone Or if you're like Tallula Mom (yes, Mom)....your wedding anniversary

Happy Scrapping♥♥♥

Explanation of “Divine Diva Deal”
Never participated in a Divine Diva Deal? Here is how it works. You purchase the Divine Diva Deal kit in the store for the 64% Discounted price of $2.00. Attend the chat I will be hosting at Divine Digital on Wednesday, February 20th at 10 pm EST and receive a coordinating freebie just for coming. Then post in the challenge that will be set during the chat in the gallery. Once you post your layout, you will receive the second half of this amazing kit for FREE. The full kit will go into the store at full price Wednesday, February 20th at midnight, so you don’t want to miss this!

You can pick up this great kit HERE

I Heart You....I really do! Whether he's your First Kiss...Little Love Bug...First Valentine’s Day...or your Eternal Valentine, scrap the perfect Valentine memory in reds, pinks and lavenders. Everything you need from frames, hearts, stickers, ribbons, and brads to scrap a remembrance you will enjoy for years to come.

Kit Includes:

11 Papers

2 Ribbons

2 Fibers

1 Love Sticker

1 XO Charm

1 Frame

1 Cardboard Heart

2 Photo Prongs

1 Upper Case Alpha

2 Decorated Staples

2 Heart Paperclips

3 Knotted Ribbons

2 Heart Clusters

1 Picture Envelope

All papers created 12x12 at 300 dpi and saved in jpg format. All elements and alpha created at 300 dpi and saved in png format.