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Tuesday, September 30

Blog Party Starts NOW!

Let the games begin...oh...wait. That's not right. Hmmm....OH, I know.....

Let's get this party STARTED!!!!

Fall Splendor Blog Party

Welcome to the Fall Splendor blog party! A collaboration of 70 digital scrapbook designers! All skill levels, all styles! Get some coffee, clear out your hard drive and let's start blog hopping!!

This is such a fun thing to be involved in!

Here is my contribution:

This little freebie would be great for a trip to the pumpkin patch. You can download this kit HERE

Make sure that you visit the Blog Party Blog and check out ALL the great stuff from all the other designers.

And just in case you don't have enough to look at with the blog party, check this out:

My products will stay on Sale at ScrapProfessor until Monday. 36% off is a pretty good deal. Check out my STORE and see what you can find.

ScrapProfessor also has this GREAT kit out for
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So many of us have lost someone close to us from breast cancer. So ScrapProfessor has joined together to help. We have done what we do best and brought you a fantastic kit!
This kit contains 24 different papers and 87 unique elements and one alpha from four different designers.
Help show your support by purchasing this kit today. 100% of ALL sales for this kit will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
You can also 'sport' this blinkie during the month of October. Your time and help is appreciated as ScrapProfessor asks you to help us FIGHT for a cure!
This sale will be going on through the entire month of October. Thanks from the designers at ScrapProfessor!
Featured Designers Are:
Susan Robinson Designs
Stacey Crossley Designs
Blind Sight Designs

Happy Blog Hopping!

Monday, September 22

It's a Girl - and her name is Baby Zoe!!!

Yep - it's a girl and she's ready for you to take her home! Baby Zoe is as cute as it gets for scrapping pages for that very special baby girl. You can find Baby Zoe in her delivery room and at scrapping stores where you find Tallula Moon Designs.

This kit has everything you need to make some serious cute! Pair this with "Baby Nate" and you have the perfect combo to make scrapping projects or baby books for your cutie-patootie or little Buckeroo. Oh, and yes, I will be getting together a Baby Zoe baby book scrap kit too with everything from first picture - you know, the one shaped like a windshield wiper to school days to family trees.

Also in the delivery room is an additional kit that has a few extra excessories - and even the newest fashionista needs her accessories!!! - so take a look. I hope you'll find Baby Zoe as cute as I do - and that you have a sweet bundle that you can scrap the best memories for.

Later, TM

Monday, September 8

School Zone is here!!!

Yep, "School Zone" is up and ready to scrap great memories of those first - or second or third...... - school happenings that you just don't want to forget. So many things in our kids school days pass us by (although Tallula Mom still has the a picture of me on the first day of kindergarten with my arm in a cast, in my new sun dress and snazzy shoes!) and as the years pile up, we can't remember what each special event was.

"School Zone" is perfect for making the best scrapping pages to add to any memory or even baby book. You can find "School Zone" at Scrap Professor under "Products". After Seeing "School Zone", Tallula Mom has decided to scrap the special things she has saved from my brother and my school experiences. She said maybe getting them into an album will get rid of the box in the top of the closet and she'll be able to enjoy all the wonderful things we brought to her with bright smiley faces. So, think of a bright smiley face you always want to remember and take a look at "School Zone". Who knows, maybe YOU'LL figure a way to get that ceramic dish/ashtray/thingie memorialized.
Later, TM

Friday, September 5

Did you miss me............

IIII''''''''mmmmmmm bbbbaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!! I really wish I could tell you that I've been vaca-ing in some exotic local, have a golden tan and am wearing a delicate ankle bracelet of small seashells - ha! so not true!!! Unfortunately, I was overrun this past month with painting - the interior house kind that has to been done but doesn't really do much for you until your Mom comes over and comments that you've finally covered the slobber marks on the wall that Daisy (our American Bulldog) has left behind. There's still more to do - isn't there always - but I was reminded by Tallula Mom that I hadn't been blogging like I should so I thought I'd hop on and fill you all in on what's going on. Between painting jags I have managed to design three new kits that are so cute you'll be looking for something or someone to scrap these for. The first is called "Baby Nate" and is for that adorable baby boy.

Not only does Baby Nate have all the requisite papers, tags, frames, etc.....it also has everything you need for the best baby book ever - from that before birth picture to family tree to school days. There are a total of six kits for the very best baby book that will keep memories alive for a life time.

Elements -

Photo frames -

AND, not to be left out, I am now working on "Baby Zoe" for that cute-as-a-bug baby girl. "Baby Zoe" isn't available just yet, but I'll let you know the minute it's ready. Also, coming up in the next day or so is - and just in time for back to school - "School Zone". This is the perfect kit for scrapping those school days memories so nice to look back on.

And hasn't the summer flown??? It's so hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner - of course, we have to get rid of the 100 degree weather! - with Halloween coming up. I can't wait to get started on a new Halloween kit to scrap the scariest collection of gobblins ever....but that's another blog.

Anyway, check out "Baby Nate" and let me know what you think. And keep an eye open for "School Zone" and "Baby Zoe" at a store near you. Later, TM