Tallula Moon Designs

Friday, May 16

Scrap for Hire/Others???

I've been sitting here working on kits for the new store and I started thinking about the ways these products are used by you all - or ya'll, depending on where you(a'll) are. We all know that you can buy my kits and make absolutely beautiful scenarios for your most beloved pictures. But I've been asked a couple of times about "Scrap for Hire" and "Scrap for Others", and there seems to be just a little confusion about how it all works. So I'm going to pass along the best explaination I can give - it may be just a little confusing but if you have any questions, contact me and I'll try again.

Now, you all know how I feel about piracy - ARG! (see 2/28/08 blog on the lowdown scoundrels) - so because these kits are my babies, and they have taken a lot of time to create, I would appreciate that they be used as intended. So here goes:

The no's - you are not allowed to sell cutout/assemble kits, magnetic sheet, window or transparency clings, iron-on sheets, frosting sheets, decoupage sheets, etc. Anything you sell must be completed by YOUR OWN HANDS and then sold as a complete item. A kit, whole or partial, is not a craft item. No digital format items of any kind - sold, given away or distributed - no, no, no. You can make one backup CD for your own use only.

The yes you can's - use Tallula Moon designs for handmade crafts that you sell (craft fairs, online websites or other venues) but not more than 200 hundred products using the same image or design per one calender year (and designer credit is appreciated here). You may create completed scrapbooking layouts, completed albums or greeting cards. All items must be completed paper items which are printed, cut and assembled BY YOUR OWN HANDS, including altered paint cans, custom candy wrappers, popcorn wrappers,t-shirts, quilt squares, jar labels, decoupaged wood items, indoor/outdoor signs, gift bags, etc., etc., etc.

Does that make sense? It's a strange issue that internet shopping has created and all designers have to deal with, but it all comes down to trust.

Now, on an up note - if you click HERE, a new ad for Your Digital Designers will pop up with some interesting things in the new store. And as always, if you have a request or suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. After all, I'm working hard so you (a'll) can have great scrapping projects and any suggestions are always welcome. Talk to you soon, TM

Thursday, May 8

A little clarification.....

Thanks, Tabitha.....seems I was so excited that I wasn't as clear as I should have been about the new store. At this time, only commercial use kits will be available at the new store, BUT I will continue to have all the other kits that you have come to know and love at the other stores just as before. If you have any questions, just drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer.
See ya at the new store, TM

Saturday, May 3

The secrets out!!!!!

The secrets out and you're the first to know!

I, Tallula Moon Designs, have joined with Joli, at Scrap Professor, and we have opened YourDigitalDesigners.Com. Now you can find all my commercial use Tallula Moon kits at a one-stop store. Joli is the greatest and can help you with those extra intensive scrap projects. You can get to the new store here, so come on in and browse around. We will also be offering scrap-for-hire products and services. We're having a designer call so if you're interested in participating, visit YDD's front page - all the information you need to get setup is there.

When I started designing I never really thought about having my own store. But ya know, when the moon is in the southern house, and jupiter aligns with mars.....well, you get the picture, sometimes things just fall into place and there you are!

Hopefully, as we progress, we'll be adding more services and products. We are so excited - I'm so excited!!! - and hope you'll visit soon. TM