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Tuesday, October 20

Breast Cancer, Halloween and new stuff

It seems like it takes me forever to post to my blog and then when I do, I have about a million things to talk about. I need to stop waiting so long...

There are so many things going on for me in October this year. Normally, this is a time that I can just relax, enjoy the fall weather, have some hot cocoa and visit apple hill. This year is a little different. We've moved into a new house and unpacking is just a major pain, I have several new ventures going and I'm going to be a grandma soon. It's a lot.

First, I'm part of the Download a Day at Divine Digital. I love doing this because you get a chance to work with 2 other people on one swatch to create something within the same theme. It's just a cool way for everyone to show their individual creations from the same idea. So for October we picked "Falling Into Autumn" for our theme. Here is a mini preview of the kit and below it is the full preview:

Overall, the kit is pretty cool.

Divine Digital has also started another new, cool project. It's called PROject COLOR and it takes place every Monday. Basically, all the designers recieve the same swatch, but we make whatever we want with it. I went nuts. I thought I would really have a hard time with this, but it was so easy. So every Monday, watch for a new color swatch and a whole group of new kits.

And lastly, here is a sneak peak at what's coming to Divine Digital in November....
Now on to other things...

I have my Etsy store that has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Actually, I have 2. My pendant shop has been doing pretty well the past few days. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I want to put up some previews of a few charms that I have been selling since I opened my store. $1 of each sale goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

They are just fun and meant to be worn on a bracelet. They are double sided (which you probably already figured out from the pictures)

I also have 70+ new Halloween pendants out....

I figure in about a week or so I will be uploading all of my Christmas pendants. I have a LOT of different styles and they are very reasonably priced. Personally, I think they are great for stocking stuffers! AND....I take special requests like names, photos, vacation photos, weddings, etc. You name it and I'll get one together for you!

So check out my Etsy Stores: tallulamoon.etsy.com & tallulamoonpendants.etsy.com

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