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Sunday, August 23

Some AWESOME Sales on New Products

Well, I'm back. I keep trying to get better about blogging, but it always seems like the last thing I seem to get too...when it really should be the first.

There are some AMAZING new things in my ETSY store!! I'm really excited to show them off. First though, I want to promote a book that I think isn't getting nearly enough attention....

Most of us on this planet have had issues with our weight. I'll be the first to admit, I'm one of them. I've struggled most of my adult life. I've done all the weightloss programs with some success, but never followed all the way through. So when Tallula MOM came up with this wonderful idea for a diet journal, I was completely on board. The journal has everything. Places to log your progress, areas for photo updates, measurements and plenty of room to journal how you are feeling when you are having trouble or maybe when you have found something that tastes amazing and have few calories. No matter how you track your diet journey, this book will be a wonderful addition.

You can click on any of the above pictures to go to the journal.

Now I want to show off my new creations. Just like the journal above, you can click on the photos to go to the product.

These were probably the most fun to make out of everything so far! There are 2 different sets of Monster Magnets and I also have 2 sets of Garden style magnets. One of the Monster magnet sets has reminders for clean & dirty dishes, dr. appt., don't forget and others. They are a cute little gift.

I've also been busy sewing. I've only managed to create a tote and a wristlet, but they are both wonderful. The tote is great for small craft projects that you want to take with you someplace or you could easily use it to take your lunch to work with you.

And finally...this is very cool. If I had a sister, I'd keep this book for myself. It would make a great Christmas gift. Fill it with wonderful pictures and memories and give it to your sister or take a weekend and fill it together. Either way, it will be a wonderful memory keeper for years to come. I'm only posting a few of my favorite pages and closeups. You can check it out on my store for more complete, full page pictures.

Happy Shopping!!!



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